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Trip to the E.R.

My husband just took 3 yr. old KatieBug to the E.R. with a blue bead lodged firmly and deeply inside her nose. All attempts at blowing it out proved futile, and it looked like she must have worked pretty hard at getting it as far back as she did.

Worried Mommy is wondering how in the world they are going to get that thing out of there without forcing it into her trachea.

I'll update as I hear more.

-------Update #1---------------

Well, shoota monkey! I wish I had read this half an hour ago!

Still waiting to hear any news.

-------Update #2---------------

The bead is out and Daddy and KatieBug are on their way home!

-------Update #3---------------

Daddy reports, "That bead was HUGE!" He says KatieBug thoroughly charmed everyone in the E.R.

KatieBug reports, "I got to stay up weally late!!"

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  1. Pat's Place says:

    Oh! My! I will wait for the latest report. Praying all the way!

  2. Myfriendconnie@SmockityFrocks says:

    Thank you for your prayers, Mrs. F!

  3. ever heard of the kid that stuck a bead in his EAR? and when his frantic parents (after very MANY futile attempts with many items including the vaccuum)brought him to the e.r…. when brought back to the “room” the aforementioned child sneezed and it came out?

    of his nose???!!!


    that’s because i hadn’t told you yet.


    true story…

    things in the nose are usually swallowed if small. that’s what the e.r. doc told us.

    oh and the BEST part is that even though they did “nothing” but give him a tissue, we still had to pay our co-payment.

  4. Myfriendconnie@SmockityFrocks says:

    Jenn, I’m sure our health insurance, the Diddly-Squat-We-Don’t-Cover-Nuttin’ Company will be sending us a nice little notice saying that we owe the full amount.

  5. Myfriendconnie@SmockityFrocks says:

    Oh, yeah–that “bead in the ear and out the nose” story was HILARIOUS!!

  6. The whole post and comments section = HILARIOUS! 😀

  7. DangitAnge says:

    I’m glad to hear her beadectomy was successful. :)

    My middle child had to have a beanectomy from her nose after sticking the inner bean from a green bean in her nose. Precious little cherubs, aren’t they??

  8. I’m so glad all is okay! This reminds me of the time my sister got a holly berry stuck up her nose. I guess she thought they would smell pretty:)

  9. When my son was 3 he stuck rock up his nose that was the exact shape and size of a pencil eraser. In my attempt to get it out, I kept shoving it further up his nose. $95 later, our doctor successfully extracted it!

  10. The Estrogen Files says:

    Loverly. Sounds just like a kid I know – excited to stay up late!

  11. For next time – have your child eat a small spoon full of HORSE RADISH ( the fresher and hotter the better) holding it in the mouth without swallowing for as long as possible. It should do the trick – it causes the nose to dilate and run excessively and ‘pop’ out will come the bead – please don’t ask me how I know this …

    Follow with bread or ice cream to cool the tongue and lots of glasses of water to replace all the tears!

  12. Just in case you’re not familiar with this versatile condiment, it is made from the ground up roots of the horseradish plant and is harmless but very hot and spicy. I used to make my own, but the plant took over the herb garden so I yanked it out! We buy Yoder’s brand with the green lid in the grocery store for less than $2 and it goes really well with roast beef. Horse radish sauce is just horseradish made milder by combining it with mayo. It is also an ingredient in shrimp cocktail sauce, so it is handy to have around! I don’t know if it popular in Texas, so I just thought I’d add that!

  13. Good to know about the horseradish. I just read about plugging one nostril and then breathing into the child’s mouth– like CPR– to “pop” out the bead. Of course, that wouldn’t work if the bead were aligned just so the hole of the bead let the air go by. Worth a try though if you find yourself in that situation again.

    My little girl stuck kidney beans up her nose once during dinner. Danny carefully massaged from the top of her nose down (on the outside) and got it out luckily. She also stuck beans in her ears. She’s an odd one. I’d think boys would be more likely to do that. But so far, knock on wood, she’s the only one. She’s also swallowed a paper clip and an ear plug. I would’ve taken her in but I didn’t know until I found them in her poop. We think my third child swallowed a Lego once. We took him in and they x-rayed him. Do x-rays really detect Legos? This one didn’t. That, or he didn’t really swallow one. Anyhoo…