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Photo Hunt: Old Fashioned

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  1. Utah Mommy says:

    Wow very old fashioned indeed! Great shots! Happy weekend!

  2. Can you imagine living out of that wagon while you travelled across the country? Great picture.

  3. How fun! Love the sepia tone, too!

    Write From Karen

  4. Great pictures! :o)

  5. The covered wagon picture is great!

  6. Kimo & Sabi says:

    Yeee Haa!

    P.S. Our Mommakitty luvs yer baby bonnet! We just gotted a baby gurl in our fambly!

  7. Kimo & Sabi says:

    P.S. – our baby gurl was born 12/13/07!

  8. I like the idea of an old fashioned photo of an old fashioned reenactment. The fisherman is cool, too!