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One Month Old

**Updated to add actual punctuation! Hello....Earth to Smockity's Brain....

Here is our sweet Emelyn at one month old. She is on a crocheted blanket that my good friend Michele made for our last baby. Speaking of Michele....

She and her daughter are here for a visit. We have been friends since the 1900s! Our oldest children were born only 4 months apart. I even remember taking dinner to her house when her sweet daughter was born over 12 years ago.

Since then, we have moved several times, but always kept in close contact. They come for a visit for a week every summer and every winter. We look forward to it most of the year and we have our traditions that MUST be done each time. One of the winter traditions is making gingerbread houses, which we will be doing on Wednesday, Lord willing. (Pictures to follow.)

I'll be going now so we can continue yakking our heads off about all manner of significant matters, like homemade vs. store bought cake mix, but before I do, I'd like to give a shout out to my FW Posse. (You know who you are...Henny, Wezie, Jenn, KB, Alice.)


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  1. yo! if i had known you were going up there miss michelle!!! arrrgh! i would have let you take a little somethin’ somethin’ for me. tee hee hee! y’all have a great time!!! as i know you will ;o)

  2. oh! one more thing! let’s hope and pray that you all get home okay this year…. tee hee hee!

  3. and holy smokes! onemorecommentfromthenearderanged..


  4. Connie,
    She is adorable! What a great picture of her – all of your kids seem to love the camera (or maybe it’s the photographer). Mine look any direction but at the camera. Have a great time with your friend.

  5. Oh my goodness, I’m part of a posse! I feel so cool! I love reading all about you and your family! Michele made a quilt for our sweet baby girl over 8 years ago. I loved it so much I was going to hang it in her room for a decoration. I told Michele & her comment back to me was ‘It was made for her to use, I want to see her loved in it.’ To this day she (Emma) will pull it out and use it on occasion.

  6. FW Posse … awesome

    great picture of the baby!!

  7. She’s precious! Enjoy your visit with Michelle:)

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sweet baby!!!!!!

    Have fun….No gingerbread pieces up the nose, ok, Katiebug? :)


  9. It’s been a month?! Already!? Happy one month birthday, Emelyn!

    She is adorable!

  10. i like homemade cake recipes best… just for the record… pretending i’m there… ~sigh~

  11. I never did get around to congratulating you on your miracle. Shes a beautiful baby.