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Gingerbread Houses

Every year, for the last 5 years when my friend Michele comes to visit with her daughter in January, the kids make gingerbread houses. Well, technically, they aren't really gingerbread houses because they are made from graham crackers.

Michele and I stay up after the kids go to bed one night and construct the houses using graham crackers and royal icing. We let them harden overnight and the kids wake up excited to start decorating them.

Here are a few photos:

I taped freezer paper to the table and drew a little neighborhood. Then, I scattered candies and markers on the table and gave everyone some icing on a piece of wax paper to use for attaching their candies.

We award honors to each house. The above house won Grand Prize. Notice the little bridge with licorice hand rails. The one below won Best Interior Design. It even had furniture!

Below is the winner for Best Landscaping. Do you see the swing set?

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  1. Oh. my. goodness. What a super-fun-terrific-cute-tradition! I love the neighborhood idea. I love that you pre-constructed the main houses. I love the swing set and the bridge and the furniture. And I especially love that it’s after Christmas and you can use leftover candy and sale candy. I think we may have to start up a tradition like this of our own!

  2. P.S. Emelyn’s 1 month pic is adorable. I don’t know if I said it already. What a sweetie-pie! I can’t believe she’s a month already!

  3. Wow, what creative children you have! Even furniture! It’s a great idea for each child to get their own house to decorate. So…do they eat them later?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I shouldn’t have visited….

    I’m hungry.


    Looks like so much fun!


  5. What a great time and cute houses!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Mer Bear had a great time decorating with her buddies! Thank you for always providing fun memories for us.



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