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MaddieLynn is at the emergency room with her dad right now. She has been complaining of increasing abdominal pain and running a fever since yesterday. My husband just called and said the doctor says that after his initial exam, he feels like it is probably appendicitis.

I'll report more as my husband phones in more information. Your prayers are appreciated.

**Tests show her white blood cell count to be very high. She is being prepped for surgery and has a morphine drip going. The doctor noticed that the site of her pain is slightly off for appendicitis and says it may be a strangulated ovary. In any case, the white blood cell count reveals some sort of infection.

**Last update for a while. Husband has summoned me to the hospital.

** My Friend Connies Husband here. It was an appendicitis and the apendectomy was performed without a hitch. The Doctor informed is he wished all his surgieries went as easily. Mrs. Smockity and baby Emelyn will be keeping MaddieLynn company tonight and unless complications arise all should be home early tomorrow afternoon. Thank You all for your prayers, concern, and love. Mrs. Smockity and I are very appreciative.

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  1. Thehotrod5 says:

    Oh Connie! I hope she is doing better now. Please know that prayer has already been said and you and your family will be lifted up continually until she returns home!


  2. Anonymous says:

    We’ll be praying that all goes well!


  3. I’ll be praying!

  4. Pat's Place says:

    Praying, praying!

  5. Praying Connie.

  6. Praying for her.

  7. Thank you for sharing and allowing us to lift you all in prayer –

  8. Laura in KY says:

    Ouch, ouch, ouch!! Praying!

  9. Lora Lynn says:

    Praying for her and you.

  10. Poor MaddieLynn! I think I’d prefer it to be appendicitis rather than a strangulated ovary. Not that she has a choice. But we will keep her and your family in our prayers.

  11. Oh Connie! MaddieLynn! You have our prayers. We will pray for MaddieLynn’s health, strength for her parents, wisdom for the doctors, and God’s peace for all of you.

  12. Connie, MaddieLynn is in our prayers. Please let me know if there is anything you need!!

  13. We are praying for MaddieLynn and the rest of your family.

  14. Praying for Maddie! My heart goes out to her as she’s in pain and to you as you’re caring for her. Hugs!

  15. Oh Connie, we are definately praying for you and your family right now! Big hugs, Elizabeth

  16. Praying for a speedy recovery! <3

  17. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the update, Mr. Smockity~ So thankful that everything went alright and she is on the mend.

    God is good!

    ~Leah in Alaska~

  18. Thank you for the update — she’s been on my mind all afternoon and I wanted to “check in on her” before going to bed. I’m so glad that all is better, surgery went well and she is on the mend.

    The LORD is good!

  19. Thank you so much for keeping us updated so well. It’s amazing how much you can worry about someone that you’ve never even met.

    Best wishes for MaddieLynn to make a very speedy recovery!!

  20. Still praying today that MaddieLynn recovers quickly!

  21. I’m so thankful that she is okay! I’m hoping that she’s also feeling much better (surgery pain aside). I’ll keep y’all in my prayers as she heals. (And by the way – congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. I know, I am WAY behind, but I’ve been keeping up with your blog even during my away time!) -Tiffany

  22. I am so glad to hear this wonderful news. I’ve been praying for you all.

  23. WHEW! i’m so glad that every one is okay! please keep us updated!


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