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A while back, I blogged about our Sweet Baby helping with trash duty. Here is a recent video of her "helping" again.

Oh, yeah, we do actually let her wear clothes sometimes.

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  1. Oh yeah. She and my toddler must work for the same agency. They seem to have been trained in the same methodology. :)

    She is too cute.!!!

    And, really, you dress them? As you may remember…we don’t.



  2. My daughter works for that company too…I can tell by the company uniform as well as the helpful service. :)
    Very cute!

  3. lol. She just wanted to make sure you always have a new trashbag at the bottom. :)

    And I stand by my baby arrival prediction – Monday, Dec 3rd. But I also have a new one! Monday, Dec 10th b/c that’s the ornament exchange and I really want you and the girls to come so of course you will either be on bed-rest or in labor. :)

  4. Whoa, we have that exact same trash can in our kitchen! We must be twins or something. Never mind that we were born decades apart, probably 100s/1000s of miles apart, and from different ancestries.

  5. Little helpers are the best! How fun that you got it on camera. I really need to get some live footage of my kids. I forget that I have a camcorder. And she is adorable! Bun has been stripping off his clothes lately and running around in a diaper. I keep trying to tell him that’s not the greatest idea when it’s sub-zero outside. But you know, less laundry is a happy thing.