What's the big deal about Young Living

Just So Ya Know

  1. A ten year old boy might find it perfectly reasonable to try to vacuum up a toothbrush instead of, say, bending over and picking it up.
  2. A vacuum cleaner makes a very mournful sound when it is trying to digest a toothbrush.
  3. It will take a ten year old boy's mother approximately half an hour to remove a toothbrush from the bowels of a vacuum cleaner.
  4. Why do we have toothbrushes on our living room floor?
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  1. KreativeMix says:


  2. as long as you are diggin’ out that toothbrush while in bed…

  3. LOL! 😀

  4. Boys are so much fun!

    Hope you are resting well! Praying for you and little baby girl.

  5. And did it let off a wonderful burnt rubber smell too? That’s when my kids drop the vacuum and run from “the nasty smell” not believing they may have caused it!

  6. And I was under the impression that my 6 year old boy might get more logical and reasonable as he gets older…He would definitely vacuum up a toothbrush…it would seem more logical than when he flushed the styrofoam cup in the toilet…uggh

    Thanks for the laughs….

  7. hahahahahahaha snort

    i think *puke* also falls under the same ‘dumb things to vacuum’ category. i won’t tell you know i know. I also won’t tell you how it smelled.

  8. Sounds like my house. I have 10 yr old twins.

  9. Oh please, please tell me that 10 year old boys are much more rational than 7 year old boys – let me live in the deluded dream of hope for just a few more hours!

    …. we have already stepped out in front of a moving cement truck, climbed over a 10 foot fence, hung from the closeline by the neck, broken an arm, turned off the ‘stuffed to the gills with yummy food’ deep freeze – twice, stuffed hot peppers in the furnace causing fire, smoke and and really big boom …. shall I go on?

    Actually we haven’t had a major BOY directed crisis in weeks now – I really was feeling hopeful, but now I’m back on full scale alert – thanks for bursting my bubble!!!!

  10. OH, that just screams BOY. I see what I have to look forward to as mine get older!

  11. Oh boy, I laughed so hard I’m hurting. Imagining that “mournful sound” is what got me.