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Sing, Sing a Song…

This song, written by a friend of a real life friend, made me smile today, which is quite an accomplishment, since we have more vomiting going on over here!

I know what you're thinking. "Will the woman ever stop talking about upchuck?" Believe me, I am waiting longingly for that day to come, myself.

Now, excuse me. I have to go hold a bowl and a rag under a child's face.

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  1. I read, well okay…I sang, that song to myself earlier and I totally loved it. 😀 lol. And you Should make seasonal aprons. But for next year – wait till after the baby’s born and you have some free time… 😉 hehe <3

  2. I figured you might’ve been dealing with such things. Well…when all is over, at least your whole family will probably be immune to this particularly nasty strain/variant.

  3. kerri @ gladoil says:

    Sometimes being a mom is just so…earthy. :)

    Sometimes it just seems like things go around and around and around..

    Hope you all feel better soon.

  4. I cannot BELIEVE you guys are still sick!! that is AWFUL!

  5. Hi Connie,

    I just wanted to say sorry you guys were sick and to let you know I got my apron today!!! Yippee, I think my mom may have bought it for my birthday, but anyway just wanted to let you know it is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I was so surprised to see it on my doorstep. Elizabeth

  6. Hi Connie! I’ve been meaning to pop over & leave a comment and tell you I picked up my blog again, but I see you found me out already! =) I’m sorry y’all are under the weather, but I’m excited to see from your ticker how far along you are now! It’s been forever since I’ve kept up with anything in the blog world, and I can’t believe you’re 3/4 of the way through already! I hope all has been going well – I need to read back through your archives to catch up!