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Car Birth Stories

I just saw this news story about a woman giving birth to her 9th baby in the car!

This very thing has been on my mind lately because I have had to change my delivery plans. You see, due to some allegedly unsafe practices, four malpractice lawsuits, and the (allegedly) avoidable death of a newborn, my OB decided, in the middle of my pregnancy, that he could no longer, in good conscience, deliver babies in our small town hospital.

I have loved my OB, who has delivered my last 2, and I am very thankful that he alerted me to the potential for a less than safe birth, but that means that I have to drive for over an hour to get to the "big city" where my new OB delivers. That might not seem like much of a big deal to some, but I have a history of extremely quick deliveries. As in, 15 minutes after getting to the hospital, quick!

Sooooo.... I am a little nervous about making it in time, since it will be my 7th delivery. Our preacher's wife has told me that she had her 3rd baby in their car on the way to the hospital. Fortunately, she had a feeling such a thing might happen, so she had prepared ahead of time with a blanket, a towel, and a bucket already in the car. She said her husband had to pull over, deliver the baby, and then continue to the hospital.

I think I'll put a few supplies in the car just to be prepared for anything. I really hope I won't need them, because my husband is NOT the type to deal well with anything, uh, well, slimy or excretory in nature!

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  1. Yikes & oh-my-goodness! I have absolutely no suggestions, advice, or helpful information. :) But I know we’ll all be anxiously awaiting to hear how things play out. Let’s just pray for no snow or ice to slow you down! :)

  2. Laura in KY says:

    Doesn’t the man fish?! Now THAT’S slimy in nature! Gross! LOL! I’d deliver and hold a freshly newborn baby any day over a fish! 😉

  3. Jennifer Meachem says:

    i read this and made an audible noise that i am unable to type and relay to you. something like/maybe resembling…


    i know of someone who delivered their baby on the FRONT PORCH!~
    what about a mid wife/homebirth? :o)they usually go to a hospital if you want them to anyway. you can have one that you meet with and get to know in your area and then when the “big event” occurs… maybe she could ride in the car with you? i don’t know, just trying to suggest something. i cannot even imagine, connie… yikesssssooooohhhhmmmmmama…

  4. Myfriendconnie@SmockityFrocks says:

    Laura, He does fish (and we’re having it for dinner tonight), but that slime is not coming out of the business end of his sweet wife! I know he’ll come through in the end (no pun intended) if he has to. I just hate to put him through that. Have I mentioned that he has a low gag threshhold?

  5. I think it would scare me to death to deliver anywhere except a hospital. I’d probably pass out!

  6. Laura in KY says:

    Heh heh… I suppose you’re right. However, if necessary, I’m sure adrenaline would kick in, and he would do wonderfully. Of course, you’ve done this so many times that you are a pro anyway!

  7. Steve, Dana and Maria says:

    Read through the book, “Emergency Childbirth” by Gregory J. White.

    It’ll give you an easy to follow plan for the birth.

  8. C’mon, c’mon…he can filet a fish! He can do it if he needs to…


    Oh, Connie, I will pray for you. I understand your worries. I would be the same..

  9. I was planning my second homebirth last month with a midwife. However, the baby decided he’d just arrive before the midwife anyway. Ok. It wasn’t ideal, but everything did turn out just fine. They say quick babies are healthy babies. I am glad we were planning on being at home anyway, or he would have arrived in the car for sure!