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We Are Rockin’ Girl Bloggers!

Nikki tagged us for the Rockin' Girl Blogger award! Woohoo! Now, I'm going to tag a blog I like to read, and it is..............

Kittykait at 7 Silly Southern Sisters!

Kittykait is about my age, which is 12, and her blog is about rabbits, tarantulas, praying mantids, and other stuff. (Maybe y'all have figured out that I like bugs.) She also breeds Holland Lop and Mini Lop rabbits. Holland Lop rabbits are my favorite breed! She is the second oldest of seven sisters (who breed rabbits and gerbils) and one baby brother.

Thanks for tagging us, Nikki!

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  1. KittyKait has a pretty fun site! And I just love lop-ear bunnies. My sister had one when I was 12. And I actually considered getting one yesterday for Danny for his birthday. But he really wanted a hamster. So that’s what we got.

  2. A Hopeful Hollar says: