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First Day of School

Today was the first day back to school for the children in our town. I'm sure there were countless children all across town who rose in the wee hours this morning to get ready for going back to school.

Likewise, the administration and students of the Smockity Frocks Academy woke while it was still dark and dressed to get ready for a big day.

These are the things that were reviewed and reinforced today:

1. The fish bite best in the early morning hours.

2. Teamwork makes things easier.

3. A one year old is not too young to begin driving lessons.

4. Cows will walk a long way to get a cool drink from a spring fed pond.

5. 83 years old is still young enough to move them little dogies along.

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  1. Connie, that is such a cute post. I love homeschooling so much. Over at my blog I have a picture of my little ones actually doing schooling on the road.


    It is cute! Enjoyed your photos. Elizabeth

  2. Cute post! Love the pics!

  3. I love first days of school like this.

    Freedom! :)

  4. Now THAT’S what I call school! Love your perspective.

  5. Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney says:

    Can we come to your school??? :)

    We’re at the beach this week doing school as well. Lots of swimming and shell finding! :)

  6. now that’s a good first day of school! :)

  7. kerri @ gladoil says:

    It’s so exilerating to NOT go back to school isn’t it? It’s a good day to go out and celebrate freedom! :)

  8. ~*~ Jennifer ~*~ says:

    OH — our first day will be Sep 4th. I need to remember my camera! 😉

    THANKS for sharing!

  9. Can my kids and I come to your school?! Wow! What a great first day! May God bless the rest of your school year with such memory-making experiences!

    In His Love,

  10. I like this post. Wonderful pictures!

  11. I am 2 years away from my first starting school, but tis freedom I one of the things that is drawing me closer to homeschooling every day!