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Another Giveaway!

Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer has launched a new website. Have you seen it? It is a site that is completely dedicated to giveaways! It is called Bloggy Giveaways, and every couple of days she posts a new prize that can be won simply by leaving a comment.

So far, she has had some items from big time companies and some from home based Mommy run businesses. Have you seen what she is featuring today? Well, have you? Go ahead and guess.

It is one of my oilcloth aprons! She asked me if I would be interested in putting one of my aprons on her site, and after I quit squealing and jumping up and down and flapping my hands in front of my face, I said of course I would.

So now is your chance! You have the opportunity to win one of my fabulous waterproof aprons. Can you even contain your excitement? Why, if I didn't have a couple dozen of them here at the house, I would enter myself!

All you have to do is skip-a-dee-do-dah over there and leave a comment on her new site and you will be entered to win. You can not be entered by leaving a comment here. I mean, if you would like to leave me a comment, then we will be fast friends and all, but Shannon will be picking a winner randomly from the comments at her site. So, get on over there!

Hey, and if you don't win, don't fret. You can order one from me. It's as easy as 1-2-3. See the details under the apron on my sidebar to find out how.

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  1. I entered! Now I’m waiting, oh so patiently, imagining my name in lights. And I’m absolutely sure that you are going to be inundated with orders. Better start churning out the aprons!

  2. The Wooden Porch says:

    That is darling!!!!

    I’m reading through your other posts too and I love the baby oil idea! I have a one year old and lots of those kinds of poops.

    Your family is adorable.

  3. Love your humor. Always brings a smile to my face.
    I’ll head right over and enter the contest…..

  4. You better get to sewing! I am sure you will have orders galore!

  5. Rachel Anne says:

    Hi Connie! I’m linking to your blog, since I had just posted about aprons and one of my dear readers pointed me to Shannon’s giveaway.

    Best wishes and happy sewing to you! You’ll be busy, I’m sure!

    Rachel Anne@homesanctuary.com

  6. Hey!

    I ended up giving away BOTH of the aprons I ordered from you (*and loved, by the way!)

    My mother in law was visiting around mother’s day, and…what was I to do? Yes, that’s right. Begrudgingly give away the apron I was selfishly longing to horde….


    So, I’m headed over to Shannon’s.


  7. i will head over there, but just wanted to say how cute your aprons are. thanks for the baking with dry milk tip!