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We Have A Winner!

I know y'all have been on pins and needles wondering what we are going to name our new 15 passenger van and who won the naming contest.

Well, you can rest easy. Today's the day. We have finally come to a decision. You heard it here first.

Before we get to the winner, though, here's a little background. As you know, we called our Suburban "Big Pig". We thought is was nice and big back when we only had 4 kids, but now that we're expecting our 7th, it's just not quite big enough.

We needed something bigger than "Big Pig". We considered all the names that you left in the comments, and we truly enjoyed reading each one.

When we saw Sheila's suggestion of "Bigger Pig", we thought, "Hmmmmm, now she's on to something, there."

That's when my husband said, "What was the giant hog called that the kid in Alabama shot? It was in the news a couple of weeks ago."

Here is a big pig:

And here is a bigger pig:


Thanks to being inspired by Sheila, our winner, that's what we've decided to name our new van.

Sheila, if you will email me your address, I'll send your fabamundo prize. Right after I sell your address to all manner of riff raff and identity thieves. Tee Hee. Just kidding with that last part.

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  1. mamabright says:

    OMG!!! THAT is one BIG pig!!!

  2. I love it! HOGZILLA! That’s so great. Congrats to Sheila and to yourselves for acquiring a 15 passenger van. That’s a few more kids down the road for us.

    I about wet my pants at your remark about selling her address to “all manner of riff raff and identity thieves.” Makes me wonder about the two contests I supposedly one and never received anything for. I have however received an influx of junk my and junk email. hmmm. Anyways, I digress. Glad you found a great name. I’m re-inspired to rename our van.

  3. Jessica says:

    What a perfect name! :)

  4. Oh my! That is the hugest hog I’ve ever seen!

    Perfect name!!!

  5. sara - The Estrogen Files says:

    GREAT name!! Fits, too.

  6. Good grief, I didn’t know they made pigs that big!!

  7. mcdfamof6 says:

    I always tell my kids there is no such thing as monsters, but after seeing this hog, I might have to take that back.

  8. Lori Lynn says:

    *GASPS* That pig is huge! Something like that was running around in the woods of Alabama??!! P.S. I literally gasped when I saw that picture, and my mom was like “What’s wrong?!”


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