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Hand Smocked Baby Bonnet Give Away!

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This contest is now closed. To find out who won, click here.

Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer is having a Give Away Extravaganza. Bloggers from all over the Internet will be linking up at her place and giving stuff away.


For the occasion, in light of the name of my blog, and all, I thought I would give away something, you know, actually smocked. Just to prove I really can smock, and I didn't pick a wacky blog name out of the blue like some kind of nut.

Well, I am kinda nutty, but that's beside the point.

In any case, I have made this hand smocked baby bonnet many times. I have given some as gifts, made some for my own sweet babies, and made some for sale. Now, I have one to give away!


It is newborn size, white broadcloth with pink smocking, and makes a perfect heirloom keepsake for your own baby or a gift for someone special. Our girls use the ones that adorned their tiny heads on their baby dolls, and I hope one day they will use it for their own babies.

Just leave a comment, and I'll enter you in the drawing to win this sweet bonnet.

Can you even stand the adorable cuteness of it? I dare you to put this on your newborn when you leave the hospital and watch how many nurses ooh and aah over it.

Check back here on Friday, July 27th to find out who wins. If you don't win, don't fret. I am offering them for $22 plus $3 shipping in the continental U.S. (and sales tax for TX residents.)

Oh! And by all means click on the doggy link above and see the GiveAwayPalooza that is going on at Rocks in my Dryer!

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  1. Heather Mason says:

    oooooooooooohhh! ME!ME! I have 5 little girls, and I love bonnets! My current newborn is a boy, but hey, maybe we’ll have another girl to model a too-adorable Smockity Smocked bonnet! No, I can’t stand the cuteness of it!

  2. Anonymous says:

    My brother’s wife is expecting their second child – another girl. I know this would look adorable on her!

    Barb J.

  3. please enter me

  4. Dana a/k/a Sunshine says:

    My friend at work is expecting a girl. What a nice gift this would make :) Enter me if you would. Have a great evening/morning

    Dana from Texas

  5. A bonnet! A SMOCKED bonnet! My little lovelies and future lovelies would be delighted! Pick meeeee!

  6. This would make such a great newborn baby gift like these!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I sew and always love seeing what other people do!

  8. The cuteness is irresistible! I must have one!!!

  9. ellen b says:

    I can’t see the photo but I have a good imagination. Enter me in please…

  10. The picture is missing for me too, but it sounds darling!

  11. Please count me in!

  12. Julie P says:

    I have a dear friend having a baby girl this fall. I would love to give it to her… Count me in too!

  13. Ooo, that sounds beautiful! I’d love to be in. Thank you !

  14. Katja from skimbaco.com says:

    I would love to send that for my niece in Finland! Please count me in!

  15. Count me in!

  16. I love anything smocked…such a lovely technique! The bonnet is just darling and would make a wonderful baby gift! Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. I love smocking! Too scared to try, but every baby should have something smocked! Please enter us!


  18. This is beautiful and I know so many mommies expecting! Please enter me!

  19. Beautiful!

  20. ~*~ Jennifer ~*~ says:

    Thank You!

  21. Jana (sidetrack'd) says:

    What a beautiful bonnet, Connie! Thank you for the chance to win one.

  22. bethany says:

    count me in! Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. dallimomma says:

    We are expecting a granddaughter in Sept. How perfect would this be? Thanks.
    kanddallison at yahoo dot com

  24. Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet says:

    My friend has waited
    A real long time
    For mommyhood to begin

    In 5 short weeks
    Her dream comes true
    For her, I hope to win!

  25. Please enter me!

  26. One family that I do childcare for is expecting a girl any day now. I’d love to be able to give it to them! Thanks!

  27. Oh, the cuteness. Please enter me.

  28. Jennifer N. says:

    This would be wonderful! jenniferannnovak@yahoo.com

  29. Le Anne says:

    It is absolutely stunning. Please enter me.

  30. Stephenson Family says:

    I love smocking work although I have never done it! You are very talented! Thank you!

  31. Very beautiful!! I love a baby girl in a sweet, sweet bonnet! Too cute!

  32. would love to be entered

  33. Melissa says:

    My sister is having a baby in September… little girl! What a great gift!! :)

  34. Absolutely beautiful! I would love to win this. :)

  35. Ribbon Rock Star says:

    Of course you can count me in!
    I know someone who could use this soon.


  36. tegdirb92 says:

    I WOULD LOVE to win this!! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  37. Jenmomof4 says:

    What a great givaway!! Count me in!

  38. I’d like in too, please!

  39. What an awesome prize!! Thanks for hosting a giveaway!!

  40. Anonymous says:

    I would love to be entered!


  41. Monkey Giggles says:

    the picture is missing for me…darn..would love to see it.

  42. What a great prize, count me in please!

  43. Anonymous says:

    Oh fun! My little girl is on her way and this would be so fun! Cound me in!


  44. You’re right! I can’t stand the cuteness! That is adorable! My baby girl just turned one, but I may just try to stuff her head into it. Or, perhaps it’s time for me to buy a doll to play with? :) I mean, for her to play with, right? 😉

  45. Amy Grant says:

    I would love it! Count me IN!! :o)

  46. I’d love to be able to give my niece (due in October) such a great gift!

  47. Anastasia says:

    How sweet! I’m in :)


  48. MommaBlogger says:

    I don’t see the picture, it’s not showing up for some reason, but I’m sure it’s gorgeous. I don’t know if I’m having a girl this time or not, but I would love to sign up for it. I’m sure someone will have a girl soon if I don’t!

  49. Cute!! I think it will still fit my little one. :)

  50. Count me in!!

  51. mummymac says:

    Me too

  52. Penn Family says:

    I’d love a chance to win!

  53. My first grandchild–a girl is to be born any day now . . . and I think she would love to come home wearing this.

  54. Scribbit says:

    So cute, I’d love to win. You’re pretty talented with the smocking!

  55. I just had a baby boy BUT, my sister is due in October, with her first, a little girl! It would be a very fun gift.

  56. Angela Stone says:

    This sounds amazing!

  57. Ohhhhh, I can just picture giving this to my sister in a couple months when her baby girl is born!!!

  58. Mrs. Pear says:

    Oh, too sweet!

    We are praying for the Lord to bless us with another child (we miscarried in February), and my heart melted when I read about the sweet bonnet!

    And if we don’t have a girl, my mentor’s daughter is expecting their first child – a daughter.

  59. You are very talented. It’s so pretty.

  60. Count me in, how talented you are!

  61. Beautiful! Enter me, please. :)

  62. I’m in!

  63. I have all boys so far so I’m bound to have a girly next. Count me in.

  64. Sign me up–lovely!

  65. I can’t see the picture, but I’m sure it’s beautiful!! I just bought instruction on how to smock, It’s so pretty!

    I’m an Apronoholic, Love your blog!!

  66. aahcoffee says:
  67. Christine says:

    One of my good friend’s baby girl is due in October and I know she would love a handmade bonnet… Please enter me!

    Come by and see me, make your guesses about my baby (or just leave a comment to say hi), and you will be entered to win a surprise gift pack full of goodies!

  68. Sgt and Mrs Hub says:

    I think this baby in utero is a girl. We’ll see. I’ve never owned anything smocked, you do beautiful work.

  69. shoeaddict says:

    Please enter me!! Love, Love!!!


  70. Tater and Tot says:

    My newest baby girl is due in 6 weeks! I would love to have this for her!


  71. Count me in. If I don’t have a girl to use it on it will make a beautiful gift.

  72. count me in!
    jesslunger25 at hotmail dot com

  73. woo hoo this sounds AWESOME!

  74. I don’t have a newborn, and never will again, but my friend is having a baby girl next month and I would love to give this to her. Count me in.

  75. Lauren Christine says:

    I would love to be entered! :)

  76. Please sign me up! Hope you’ll visit me at Some kind of Wondermom

  77. Rebecca says:

    Well I couldn’t see the picture but it sounds cute. Count me in!

  78. Kelli in the Mirror says:

    This is beautiful work- I’d love to win!

  79. How sweet! Thanks for sharing!

  80. Qtpies7 says:

    The picture is not working for me, but I’m sure its adorable from all the comments! I’m hoping for another little girl in the future and finding bonnets is really difficult!

  81. Once Upon a Dream... says:

    Please enter me!

  82. Frances says:

    So pretty! Thank you for the opportunity.

  83. Rebecca says:

    Smocking is a passion of mine. Not doing it (I wish!) but USING it. My 14th month old boy is STILL wearing smocking for special occasions!

    I would love to be entered to win.

  84. Jessica says:

    I’d love to be entered!

    peace of Christ to you,
    Jessica Snell

  85. ~Nancy~ says:

    I’m in!
    Thanks and be sure to enter mine for “Simple Abundance”.

  86. Anonymous says:

    Its beautiful, I’m expecting a little girl and would love to have one. adavieau@hanover.com

  87. Anonymous says:

    Oops sorry wrong address it should be adavieau@comcast.net Thanks

  88. Anonymous says:

    What an item to give away!

  89. Stephanie says:

    I have 2 friends and a sis-in-law expecting. Surely one of them will have a girl! = )

  90. MoneyDummy says:

    Beautiful!! Count me in!

  91. Wow – the bonnet is beautiful! I’d love to win it for my wee one that’s on the way!

  92. Christie says:

    Please count me in!

  93. Faerylandmom says:

    Add my name to the hat! I’m due any day now!

  94. Awesome Mom says:

    That is so adorable that it makes my womb ache and makes me glad that we are not done having kids yet.

  95. My third baby is due in Feb. What a gift that would be!

    Thanks for entering me.

  96. margalit says:

    Expecting my first niece in early March. What a great baby gift!

  97. Please enter me as well :)

  98. Please enter me in your Bonnet contest. It would look beautiful on my new little granddaughter!

  99. melody is slurping life says:

    please include me…i know exactly who i would gift with this.

    my mr. linky is #232 and there’s more. 😉

  100. Word Warrior says:

    Oh my goodness….how sweet! I am expecting a baby girl (our seventh!) in September–wouldn’t I love to have this sweet bonnet for her!

    (Check out my give away too!)

  101. What a talent. Thank you for the chance to win. Have a great day:)

  102. Please include me! I have a sweet spot in my heart for smocking.

  103. I am having a new baby girl within the month!! How adorable!


  104. Maine Mom says:

    Very cute! Count me in.

  105. One of my best friends is soon having a baby girl, I would love to put this on her precious head! Please count me in!!!

  106. Kathy, Jeff's wife says:

    How BEAUTIFUL! Toss my name in please!

  107. so adorable
    please enter me :)

  108. Some day I will learn to smock but in the meantime I would love to win this.

  109. What a nice giveaway!

    I’m giving away baking accessories at:
    http://www.capturing-today.blogspot.com if you’d like to enter!

  110. Jennifer says:

    I am a foster mom with an adorable baby girl that this would be so cute on! Hope I win it for her!!

  111. That’s a sweet sweet bonnet! I have a baby girl who would look gorgeous in that!

    Thanks for sharing your talent.

  112. partyofseven@bellsouth.net says:


  113. a wandering heart says:

    Oh, how sweet! I have a friend whose army chaplain husband is home and is expecting #2, and I would love to surprise her with this. Assuming she has a girl. If not, it’s that season of life, and I have another friend who I know is having a girl in October and would LOVE this.

  114. Lovely bonnet and would love to have it. Thanks

  115. Kathleen says:

    I am entering the Grandma stage and love this bonnet.

  116. daisyaday says:

    I’m a grandma now, and would love to bless one of my grandbabies with one of your beautiful bonnets.

    How wonderful that something homemade is such a popular item. I love that. These “womanly arts” that have so often been set aside as our lifestyles speed up, have become treasured skills. I bet you sell quite a few of these!

  117. I have to have this one it is just the best! WOW


  118. Fabulous giveaway!! Please enter my name in your draw:-) Thank you!! xo

  119. Laura Williams says:

    Oh that is just gorgeous! Please enter me into your drawing! Thank you!

  120. Please count me in! It’s beautiful!

  121. DaNG CutE.. EnTeR mE In the DrAW. ThaNkS.

  122. Very pretty bonnet. Sign me up.

  123. cre82learn says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! I have always wanted to be able to smock but never could quite get the hang of it.

  124. QueenMum says:

    My girls are too big, but my best girlfriend needs a girls and we’re all hopeful this is the one she’ll get to dress up. cheers

  125. akcagirl says:

    I have three girls and probably will have more. Lots of girls in the family. sign me up. Thanks

  126. Holy Cow 124 comments already! You are the queen Connie. And yes, definitely enter my name. I just know there’s a baby girl in our future waiting to wear such a sweet bonnet.


  127. Jenny in Ca says:

    goodness, that is the sweetest thing I have just about ever seen. Please enter me in the contest!

  128. Diane J. says:

    Sign me up, please!


  129. Sweet as Sugah! Count me in!


  130. Adorable! Enter me please.

    crazymamma1966 at hotmail dot com

  131. AllSweet says:

    Thats beautiful! Count me in :)

  132. That bonnet is simply adorable!
    Please add me to the drawing :)


  133. We love bonnets! Please count me in too!


    Thank you!

  134. How adorable. I am due in February and would love to see this sweet bonnet on my little gift from God. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  135. So Sweet! My sister is going to have a girl in December, after twin boys. This will be perfect!

  136. Stitchblade Etsy says:

    This is GORGEOUS! It would be a perfect gift for my mama friend who is pregnant.

  137. lifeasamama says:

    oh my gracious. that is beautiful!

  138. What a precious little bonnet! Perfect for a little girl I know due to be born in November.


  139. What a fun giveaway!
    Please count me in.
    My Life as Annie!

  140. How adorable! Count me in!

  141. That is just precious!

    lucycontest at gmail dot com

  142. Please enter me – thanks!

  143. that is so nice. I have one girl but she is 8. I have 5 boys who don’t this. Hee Hee..but my sil just had a baby girl and she would look adorable in it.

  144. OH it is so cute. I reallllllly want it.

  145. Scratchin' the Surface says:

    Precious. Please add my name.

  146. Sooo sweet!! Adorable, love it!

  147. Oh, I would love this. It’s sooo beautiful!!! Please add my name.

  148. Titus 2 Heart says:

    I love contests like this! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  149. What a beautiful bonnet! Please enter my name, VidaEarnshaw@bellsouth.net. Thanks!

  150. What a gorgeous bonnet! Please enter me. :)

  151. This is such a great little hat!

  152. FirstFruits says:

    Please enter me. The bonnet is beautiful.

  153. Munchkin Land says:

    Ok, that is just too, too precious! Please enter me too. Thank you!

  154. Ladybug says:

    Count me in and take a look at our giveaway!

  155. scfranson says:

    You do beautiful work. Please count me in.

  156. COunt me in!

  157. Heather Smith says:

    This is adorable! put me in the drawing!

  158. SAS Inc. says:

    WOW how BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  159. It is beautiful!! I have a baby girl on the way!!!!!

  160. What a beautiful little bonnet! You sure can smock :)

    Thanks so mcuh for the nice offer!


  161. You are very talented. Thanks for the chance.

  162. Thankfulheart says:

    Wow! It’s like Christmas in July! Thanks to all of the wonderful bloggers that are participating in this great give-away!!!

  163. New Mom says:

    How adorable!

  164. Michelle says:

    oh that’s just precious! Please enter me!

  165. Please count me in as well! I am 8 months pregnant with a little girl (my first child) and I’d love to be able to put this on her. :)

    Divine Domesticity

  166. jasmine c. says:

    Please enter me! I have 2 girls and one on the way!

  167. So Adorable! I would love to be entered!

  168. entering…

  169. Anonymous says:

    This looks great! Please add me to your list. My e-mail address is myspamfoil@gmail.com.

  170. Please enter me in your drawing for this beautiful bonnet.


  171. volpecircus says:

    oh that is adorable! please enter me. thanks!

  172. Please enter me as well! Thanks

  173. moreofhim says:

    Oh, your bonnet it beautiful!!! I’m so amazed by the beauty of it. Please enter me in your contest. Thank you!

  174. It is beautiful! Thanks for doing this :).

  175. Christy says:

    What an adorable bonnet!

    Thanks for stopping by and signing up for my giveaway!

  176. What a beautiful bonnet! Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks!

  177. How lovely! I’d like to be added to the drawing please! thanks so much!

  178. So adorable! Thanks for the opportunity.


  179. Elizabeth says:

    We are in the process of adopting our sweet Princess who is 2 months old. I saw this bonnet and fell in love- it is beautiful and fit for a princess! Thank you for allowing me to visit and participate in your giveaway! :)

  180. Michelle says:

    Beautiful and so sweet!!

    Count me in!

  181. This is just stunning- you do beautiful work! I am 8 months pregnant with our 5th girl and she really needs something new and beautiful to wear to church. I would feel so blessed to win!

    Thanks for letting me enter- beautiful family, BTW! :)


  182. ~Becca~Bluebird Rose says:

    I would have to save this away for a future granddaughter, but what a lovely keepsake it would be!

  183. Oh. This is so beautiful!! Please enter me and thanks for sharing!

  184. Absolutely beautiful! It must take quite a bit of time to complete one bonnet! Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks!

  185. The bonnet is absolutely beeeeeutiful!
    I love bonnets on lil girls!
    My new grand daughter would love this!

    What a fun give away…I’d love a chance to win!

    Thank you!


  186. I almost passed out when I saw how beautiful this bonnet is! Oh my! Enter me!

  187. I have a baby who would look adorable in that bonnet and a grandbaby on the way so please count me in!!

  188. Linda SS says:

    You have been so Blessed with such talent! The bonnet is gorgeous…PLEASE enter me:)

  189. Count me in! What a fablous giveaway!

    Come on over to mine too.

  190. Richelle says:

    That is way cute! Count me in!

  191. The bonnet is so darling! I love smocking! My sister is expecting a little girl and she is very into vintage looks and frills.

  192. pipsylou says:

    I’m in!

  193. joy in small packages says:

    Oh my goodness!! I completely agree with you! This handmade bonnet is simply adorable. What beautiful work you do. Count me in please~ Thanks!

  194. From Modest Means says:

    crossing my fingers!!

  195. Jennifer says:


  196. Well – THIS will be difficult to wade thru! :)

    Maybe me, maybe me…..


  197. I’d love to be entered. I think my preemie’s head is big enough for it now!

  198. Oh, baby showers are always coming up and this is so cute. Add me to the drawing please!

  199. sugarlady says:

    Oh I can see my Grand daughter in that bonnet. Hope I win….

  200. Danielle says:

    Please count me in- thank you so much!

  201. Thanks for entering my name!

  202. That would make a beautiful gift for a girl at church who just had a baby girl! Please enter my name. Thanks!

  203. Choofy Mama says:

    pick me!! sooo adorable!!

  204. Robin@MyPursuitOf... says:

    SO sweet. I hope I win.

  205. Anonymous says:

    Hi! I am Karen from Brooklyn, NY. I would love to be entered to win. Thanks for taking part in this great giveaway so we can all have fun and get a chance to browse your blog too.


  206. Absolutely precious! I’m bookmarking your site and will be back.

  207. S O – C U T E ! Thank you for giving me a chance to win! I am expecting my first baby – a girl at Christmas! Thanks, Amy. designbyamy at hotmail dot com

  208. Christine says:

    How adorable! Please sign me up.

  209. DivaDivine15 says:

    Please sign me up! I don’t have a blog, but you can contact me at DivaDivine15@aol.com. Thank you for your generosity!

  210. Adorable. Sign me up please.

  211. mom in the know says:


  212. dru watkins says:

    count me in please.


  213. Anonymous says:

    I must have this!

  214. beautiful! count me in!

  215. Jason and Caryn says:
  216. Count me in.

  217. That is beautiful – and if I win, I will do just as you say and put this on my baby girl when she’s born :)

  218. Anonymous says:

    That is SOO cute! I just found out that we are expecting again, and I so hope it’s a girl!


  219. I love smocking and I love your blog!

  220. Kell Rees says:

    That is so beautiful! Please enter me in your giveaway!

  221. Anonymous says:

    how cute!
    impchild at yahoo dot com

  222. Anonymous says:

    Hi! I’m Lani from “The Wooden Porch”. Please enter me too! Thanks for hosting this contest. :-)

    My email address: thewoodenporch@gmail.com

    and website:

    (I’m having trouble signing into blogger so I’m sorry about the “anonymous”.)

  223. Jessica Morris says:

    please count me in!

  224. Tara Sloan says:

    Please enter me! Check out my giveaway which “missed the boat” at

  225. My name is Renee says:

    My friend is expecting a girl anyday and that would match the smocked dress that she just purchased!http://treasuresofjoyboutique.blogspot.com/

  226. shannon godfrey says:

    i love, love, love this bonnet!!! but i don’t want to win it….i want to MAKE it….i’d love to give it as a gift to my own friends! would you share where you got this beautiful pattern? :)

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      I photocopied this pattern from an old magazine. I’ll see if I can scan my copy and email it to you.