What's the big deal about Young Living

Ten Thoughts From a 1-Year-Old

1. Cheerios cover a multitude of sins.
2. Oooh! The wipe box! Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
3. But I like to squish snails!
4. Hhhmmm...an open toilet...I'll just make sure no one's looking.
5. Who says mud pies are nasty?
6. Maybe if I'm really quiet then they won't notice the mud.
7. Hmmm...some pretty flowers...you know, flowers are even prettier when they're shredded.
8. Maybe that waggly thing on a dog's rear end is a handle.
9. They think I don't know how to get to the cookies. Little do they know....
10. Oooh...oooh...just a little closer and I'll have that glass jar.

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  1. hehe. I love it.