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Mother’s Day Surprise

My sweet husband had a bouquet of seven roses delivered to me early for Mother's Day. He specifically requested that 6 of the roses be fully bloomed to represent our 6 children and one be a bud to represent the baby I am carrying.

Is he great or WHAT?!?!

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  1. That is such a sweet idea. Hope you continue to have a great day. :)

  2. How wonderful! So thoughtful and absolutely wonderful!

  3. So, Connie – I looked back over the blog…checking to see if you had made a LARGE, specific announcement about the baby…you know…I wanted to specifically congratulate you on that post if so….


    Congratulations! (I’ve told you this in private…but wanted to make it PUBLIC!) :) So thrilled for you – and what a SWEET husband to specifically buy you the flowers. (And the washer…too…)

    So, what happened? Did the guest come? Did he use stringy towels?

    I’m so sorry about your washer woes…

  4. Myfriendconnie says:

    The guest came and seemed to enjoy his stay and we managed to have some good DRY towels for him to use.

    We’re still moaning over our washer, though.

  5. How sweet! Enjoy your roses.

  6. Jessica says:

    What a sweet husband! Oh, and congratulations on expecting!

  7. sara - The Estrogen Files says:

    What a sweetie – can he teach Hubbers this?

  8. congrats on your pregnancy I didnt’ read that in previous posts? well anyway the flowers are so sweet, take care