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Conversations II

You can see the first ones here.

Here is another conversation that I heard earlier today:

Pickles (after a looong explanation of knock-knock jokes): "I'll say knock-knock, and you'll say, "who's there?" Then I'll say orange, and you'll say "orange who?' Ready? Okay. Knock-knock."

Katie-bug: "Who's dere?"

Pickles: "Orange."

Katie-bug: "And what do I say now?"

I can't believe that she didn't remember what to say when Pickles had been lecturing her for so long. The explanation took about four times longer than the joke! Does anyone else have funny conversations to share?

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  1. You know, you gotta get the hang of knock knock jokes. I’m sure she’ll catch on soon. 😉

    One of mine is when we were sitting in front of a friend’s house and daughter saw a dog. She asked, “Is it a Lab?”
    Son answered, “No, I think it’s a stray.” LOL!!