What's the big deal about Young Living


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  1. JunkMale says:

    Are you pregnant? After a couple seconds of trying to read, I can deduce it is “We are going” something something pregnant.

  2. Myfriendconnie says:

    Yep, you got it. Are all the pictures not showing up?

  3. - linz - says:

    That’s a really cute idea! I know we’ve already said this but we’re SO EXCITED & HAPPY for your family! Congratulations again! :)

  4. JunkMale says:


    Nah, everything’s showing up fine. I just couldn’t figure out the eye and the watermelon m.

  5. Congratulations and Blessings to you and your family! YEAH!

  6. Congratulations! What a wonderful blessing for your family! The children must be thrilled. I’m very happy for you! :-)

  7. Congratulations Connie! How exciting for you and your family. :) Best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby!

  8. Wii R so excited you R pregnant!!! So Cool!!!!!
    What a wonderful blessing for your family! I just bet all the littles are beside themselves with excitement. We will be praying for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby boy! (for Jackson’s sake) Tee Hee! Thank you for sharing your good news!
    Much love,

  9. I was totally clueless. Had to read the other comments to catch on. And then I went back through and got the message.


  10. Congratulations! What a cute way to announce.

  11. sara - The Estrogen Files says:

    Oh. Shut. UP!! How wonderful and happy!! Congratulations!!

  12. Mrs. Pear says:


  13. OK – This is so exciting! I know I’ve never been the super smart friend, but it took me several minutes & thinking waaaay outside my small box to figure this out. How cute! You might consider an answer key for me next time. Ha! Tell Madison Hi from Brittan. She still remembers her & is totally counting her going to ACU (you know, if Harvard falls through) We would love to see you guys!

  14. Connie,
    Thanks for sharing your good news (I always love a good word puzzle).
    Congratulations and love from
    Elaine and the Woodul Family

  15. Myfriendconnie says:

    Thank you everyone for the kind words and well wishes. We are all thrilled!

  16. Myfriendconnie says:

    By the way, here is the answer key for the hieroglyph:


    It is not, contrary to what someone who shall remain unnamed thought, “Video game are cheering crowd eyeball watermelon pregnant.”

  17. Lora Lynn says:


  18. OH MY GOSH! Are you serious? That took me forever to figure out and only because I read the comments at the bottom!Congratulations though! I’ll keep you in my prayers for a healthy pregnancy and delivery…also, Jackson really needs a brother so I’ll pray for that too! :-)
    Love you!

  19. Man was I confused. I just stared at them for several minutes before I finally figured out that it might have something to do with you being pregnant.
    Congratulations! Can you guess how far along you are?

  20. Christie M says:

    Just started reading your blog from a link at Biblical Womanhood’s Frugal Fridays. So happy for your family! My perspective…having a child is the only time you get to assist God in conducting a miracle! Such beauty! Again, congratulations from a momma in Dallas who enjoys reading your blog!