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April Snow

This is the view outside our back door today.
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  1. JunkMale says:

    No fair. We haven’t gotten barely a snowflake this whole winter. Of course, I think snow is cool, but I suppose to people who get more of it, it’s a pain. Atlanta people aren’t used to snow, so if it even flurries, lots of stuff closes and people aren’t expected to get where they need to be.

  2. Mrs. Pear says:

    Yup, I am cured.

    I grew up in central Canada, and now live in Southern California, and I was just thinking this morning about how much I missed snow.

    I am totally over it now…

  3. Myfriendconnie says:

    Can y’all believe this is Texas? I’m *so* ready for warm weather.

  4. A Hopeful Hollar says:


  5. sara - The Estrogen Files says:

    HEY! You sent that THIS way, didn’t you? We got snow in Idaho today. Thankfully it melted, didn’t stick, turned into rain, but still… I guess it DOES make more sense for Idaho to have April snow than TX.