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Okay, that whole snaily naming thing didn't exactly work (I only got 4 names!), but thank you to anyone who commented. Anyway, here are my snails' names: Squiggle, who was formerly I Don't Know, Wiggle, who was formerly Something Else, and Buttercup, who was formerly Something. (Hey Deezie, that is food - for a snail!)


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  1. Good snail names. Sorry I didn’t contribute. I think snails are kinda gross. I couldn’t look at your pictures long enough to be inspired with a name.

  2. Uuuh, snails are slimy and eat my roses. there is no love lost here.

    However, I do like the Hermit (hermie) crabs we have. I’m sorry I missed the naming festivities, but I would have suggested Jose (said “hose EE”), Pedro and Sheila, which happen to be the names of our hermie crabs.

  3. Myfriendconnie says:

    Nikki and Sara, I agree about the snails. Eeeeew!

    Sara, those names are very multicultural!

  4. thats funny, I didnt’ know snails ate snickers:)
    you do make me want to get our girls a snail though I love them
    and yours is so cute