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Feeding Forty Frugally

A friend recently asked me for some suggestions for feeding lunch to a crowd of about 40 teens once a week. (Hi, Lindsey!) The meals need to be frugal, as well as easy to prepare and clean up. As of now, they have been serving lots of pizza and spaghetti.

Here are a few of my ideas:

*Hot dogs served with chili, shredded cheddar, and condiments
*Sloppy Joes (Make your own sauce,) and homemade fries (cheaper than chips)
*Pancakes served with bacon (2 pieces per person)
*Chicken Spaghetti (See my recipe here.)
*Mexican Mess (Some people call this Mexican Stack or Mexican Pile On. Our version is a lot like Frito Pie.)

Do any of you have other suggestions? Do tell!

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  1. Potatoes with chili on top. Potatoes are cheap, beans are cheap. Teens like to eat.

  2. Chili and homemade bread.

  3. lulubell says:

    Hey Connie, its Lindsey! We’ve done sloppy joes once but I hadn’t thought about fries (prolly ’cause we have so many leftover bags of chips!) or pancakes! I LOVE Pancakes!! We had Mexican Pile On last Thurs and another great success. We’ve done chili a lot too with the cold weather. Thanks for the new ideas and chicken spaghetti recipe! :)

  4. Myfriendconnie says:

    Thanks, Nikki! You can’t get much cheaper than dry beans, can you? My family makes a meal of beans and cornbread at least once a month.

    LINDSEEEEEEEEY!!!! I’m so glad you commented. I’m still thinking and hopefully we’ll get some more suggestions in the comments.

  5. I recently went to a wedding where the 100+ guests were served a dinner of chicken and rice with black beans on the side. It was really good, very easy, and very inexpensive.

  6. We enjoyed ‘Walking Tacos’ for the first time at a homeschool convention. A small bag of fritos was opened and a scoop of chili placed in the bag. Shredded cheese and other ‘chili toppings’ were available self serve. They charged us $1 per walking taco and said they were making about 1/2 in profit. The chili wasn’t really meaty, but it was fun for the kids, tasty and super easy clean up for sure!