What's the big deal about Young Living

You Might Be A Large Family If……

You need at least 2 carts in the grocery store.

You buy milk 5 gallons at a time. (We're heavy drinkers!)

Your family takes up every seat in your Suburban.

Your dream car is a "church van".

People are complaining that all of the bathrooms are full right before a long trip.

You find yourself wondering how many extra-large cans of brand X beans you'll have to move to fit a 25-pound sack of flour into your pantry.

People ask, "Are they all yours?"

You automatically answer "yes" to the above question.

You take up a whole pew at church.

You're always counting heads (when you have this many kids it takes too long to count legs and divide by two).

You have to at least double every recipe there is. They should make a large family cookbook.

When a mini van actually gets mini.

When a family-size box of cereal is definitely not family-size.

How about you? Do you have any to add?

By Myfriendconnie and MaddieLynn

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  1. ROFL! I love it! My wee little family of five (three kids) is becoming six this summer. But I still get asked, “Are they all yours?” And I can’t tell you how many times I looked at a “family-size” product and thought, “What?! A family of two maybe.”

  2. There is a cookbook for large families! The MOMYS cookbook! It’s awesome… I’ve used many of the recipes and I’m still working my way through it. You can find it here

  3. Myfriendconnie says:

    Congrats, Nikki! Whenever someone says, “Are they all yours?” I’m always tempted to say, “I’ve never seen these kids before. They started following me in the parking lot.”

    Thanks, Laura! How many do most of the recipes serve? Are they mostly casseroles?

  4. Hey, Connie ~ they are definitely not all casseroles. In fact, most of them are not! I would say that most of the recipes are an average of 12 servings… some less, some a lot more! All of the recipes were submitted by women with a minimum of 4 children. Some of the families that submitted recipes have 20 people in them. An example would be the crock pot granola recipe that I tried the other day. It used 15 cups of oats. That will make quite a bit of granola! I haven’t bought a cookbook in years, because of the easy access to recipes on the internet now. But this cookbook is worth far more than the money I paid for it!

  5. Myfriendconnie says:

    Thanks Laura, I may ask for that for Mother’s Day.

  6. (Jim &) Brandy Brow says:

    You know you’re a large family when you fill one grocery cart with only one week’s worth of bread and cereal and another with one week’s worth of toilet paper and tissues.

    I’ll have to look into that cookbook…

    Brandy of The Building Brows

  7. LeftCoastOnlooker says:

    My dad had a great answer to “are they all yours?” “Well, I have four & she has four & we have four that we share.” Eyes got huge when people assumed he meant there were 12, not 4.

  8. How about this one: When someone asks you if you run a daycare. No fooling, my across the street neighbor asked me that and there are only 4 kids in our family!

  9. Myfriendconnie says:

    Ha ha, Sara! I knew I left one out. The last time we had an exterminator here, she(!) said, “Oh, you run a daycare.”

  10. Happy Mom says:

    I only have five – so far! I always laugh inside when I go out with just my two “littles,” Like on Tuesday nights during AWANA – and someone tells me my hands are full! I usually just respond “Full of JOY!” or FUN, or “The best kind of full there is!” We’re already at 4 gallons of milk each time, and that doesn’t quite last a week…and the baby’s still drinking mine…. we may be able to single-handedly keep the dairy industry moving in the future! LOL

  11. I love this! DH and I have four kids, ages 4, 4, 5, and 6! We were in the store today and there was a little boy who was whispering to his mommy about us having three kids! We grabbed 4 boxes of mac and cheese and his little mouth dropped wide open! It’s awesome!