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The Winner….Again

I labeled and cut out 201 tiny pieces of paper *again* and let my 6 yr. old draw a name *again*.

The winner of the apron I won in the Mommy Life Apron Contest is Honey! (May I call you Honey?) Coincidentally, she was the very first person to enter my drawing.

In case she mysteriously drops from the face of the earth, I drew a runner-up. I'd hate to have to label and cut all those tiny pieces of paper again.

The runner-up is Sara. I promise the shameless begging she did played no part in her quasi-victory. (See comments in this post.)

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  1. Oh thank you!!!! I am so excited! Grinning from ear to ear!! :)

  2. Thank you for leaving me a note! :) Sure, I love being called Honey. Ha ha! :) I did look at your blog earlier and was really hoping I’d win, but saw someone else did. I am so glad you wrote left me a note to let me know to look today and that I won after all! :>

  3. ROTFL!!! Girl, you so funny. Glad the “bribery” was available! Congrats, Honey!

  4. Congrats to Honey! As soon as my new checks arrive in the mail..don’t need them much in the day of online banking..I am sending you my check for my apron Connie!!