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Homeschool Spiral Notebooks

I spent years as a homeschool mom trying to keep track of assignments that had been written on loose leaf notebook paper. I used to have 3 ring binders for each child with tabs for each subject. After a child completed an assignment it was to go in the notebook behind the correct tab, hypothetically, of course. The truth is, sometimes it would make it in the notebook in its proper place, but mostly there were papers of all kinds stuffed in the pocket in the back cover of the binder to be sorted through "later." (There is a lot to be done "later" for a mom of many.) Multiple kids times multiple subjects equals lots of papers to sort through.

I finally got wise to spiral notebooks. I buy them in bulk on sale at the beginning of the school year. Each child gets a different spiral for each subject. I write the name of the child, the subject, and the school year on the front, and voila, no more papers to sort through. All written work is done in the appropriate spiral; spelling in the spelling spiral, logic in the logic spiral, dictation in the dictation spiral, etc.

That's what works for me. For more handy dandy tips, go to Rocks in my Dryer.
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  1. Good tip. Right now I just have my 5 and 3 year olds homeschooling with anything written. But I’m sure I will need to implement this before long. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Great idea…spiral notebooks are so handy!

  3. We don’t homeschool but have every year we buy about a dozen of these for their school work .you are right,nothing gets lost.

  4. Good idea! We’re using binders, but spiral notebooks are better. How about 3 subject notebooks to keep the clutter down?

  5. This is great to know. I was thinking of going the binder route. (For now I have 2 small fullish bins). 😉

    THANK YOU-I got my apron!! :o) It is adorable! I’m told I *have to* post a picture. :)

  6. HopewellMomSchool says:

    Gosh, your kids are GOOD! Mine lost the spiral notebooks, used up the pages drawing monsters or making battleship on a number grid or writng “Homeschool is just as boring as real school” in florescent highlighters!!! LOL…….. I’m in awe of your parenting!!

  7. Myfriendconnie says:

    OK, thanks for that tip, Hopewellmomschool! My kids are now laughing hysterically as they gleefully draw aliens and assorted animals in their spirals!

  8. Proverbs31 says:

    Hopewellmomschool, I was thinking the same thing! I bought spiral notebooks just because when school started, thinking that if they needed paper for writing on we’d have it, though they mostly use worksheets and large writing paper since they are pre-k and 1st grade. I have the hardest time keeping them from running off and tearing out the pages and drawing princesses and kitty cats all over them! I do like this idea, though, because I have had my 1st grader do extra math problems when she needed to work on something for longer than the number of included worksheets, and I’ve been using some notebook paper for grammar related assignments. I have a folder full of unfiled school sheets that are theoretically supposed to go into a binder. I like the spirals much better!

  9. I end up here everyweek for WFMW. I should just put y’all on my “daily check-in” list! LOL My oldest is only three so we’ll be homeschoolin’ before I know it! And, thanks for stopping my blog-home too! LOL

  10. Michelle @ This One's for the Girls says:

    I agree with this! I need to switch every subject to a spiral!