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Worms in the Fridge

What? Like you don't keep worms in your refrigerator?

And now it's your turn to play, "What's the Weirdest Thing You've Had in Your Refrigerator?" C'mon, you know you want to play. Would it kill ya to leave a comment?

*Any responses including the word "placenta" will be disqualified. That's just gross, people!

UPDATED: Here is something I've never had in my fridge!

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  1. My sweet DH loves to store his worms in my fridge…yuke, I hate it.

  2. A Hopeful Hollar says:

    When my sweet Frenchie (a parrot)died, I kept him in our freezer until I could barry him in my in-law’s backyard. I was about twenty and we lived in an apartment that had this crazy rule about planting your dead animals on theirrrr property…CRAZY!!! 😉

  3. A Hopeful Hollar says:

    I mean bury!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. MaddieLynn says:

    When I was taking care of the neighbor’s pets while they were on a trip their Guinea Pig died, and Mymomconnie wanted to put it in the freezer until they came home!!!!!!

  5. Congratulations on winning the apron contest! The weirdest thing I’ve had in my fridge is a freshly killed pheasant, which isn’t really that weird.

  6. Luv2bhsmama says:

    Weirdest thing in my fridge.. a baby. Yes I got my photos back from being developed and there was a picture of my 8 month old in the fridge. Dad said she kept trying to climb in so he helped her.

  7. MaddieLynn says:

    A baby in the fridge? That’s almost as wierd as a baby in the dryer! We have pictures, of course. I know it seems like we have pictures of everything, but I
    assure you, it was not staged.

  8. Well – here’s the list!
    Doe urine, Buck estrus, meal worms, helgramites, worms of course (and they were in my celery the little convicts because someone one sneaked them upstairs to the kitchen fridge), fox urine, and in the freezer were crawfish, quail (waiting to be mounted at a taxidermist), pheasant wings (for the bird dog puppy), well I’ll stop there Ladies… You’ve probably figured out we are an Outdoor hunting, fishing family! Oh yea! A snowball from 10 years ago and counting! 😉 Nice website!

  9. LOL!! I’ve had worms in my fridge, too. Amazing how long they live… Oddest thing, though, was wasps in my freezer. Hubbers cleaned out some nests from the clothesline and FROZE them (including bees) to later make into paperweights. Pretty cool project, pretty freaky freezer!

  10. happychyck says:

    I attended a branch campus to a major university, and we didn’t really have proper labs, so I had to take home and store my fetal pig from my anatomy class. At the time it seemed like something I had to do, but thinking of that half dissected mini pig in my fridge next to my yogurt grosses me out now!

  11. LeftCoastOnlooker says:

    I read about that duck, how funny!

    the weirdest thing was last summer when ants crawled under the seal around the door to get into the fridge — it was horribly hot outside & I opened the fridge to get some water, but found visitors — I threw everything away & scrubbed that fridge, yet, even completely empty, they came back — every one says it’s because of the temps.
    How weird!
    I ended up cleaning 5 fridges those days – 2 @ church, mine, & the 2 neighbors, whose houses I was watching — I still shudder over it.

  12. thecurryseven says:

    Due to my science-minded children I’ve had/have: meal worms, cricket food (no crickets, though, they get eaten too fast), and the topper the dead pet from who died and was waiting for the arrival of the dermistid (flesh-eating)beetles so that my dd could retrieve its skeleton. I sometimes worry more about what is not in my refrigerator than what it inside.

  13. thecurryseven says:

    oops…that would be the dead pet froG.

  14. Like Happychyck, my parents had a fetal pig in their fridge. Dad dreamed of self sufficiency and always planned to learn how to stitch up wounds. He had read that fetal pigs made good practice material.
    The problem was that the pig waited in a tupperware container while he put it off for SEVEN YEARS before Mom finally threw it away. Every time I went foraging for leftovers I would grab the container and peer inside, then decide I wasn’t hungry after all.