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Strawberries and Gingham

This is the newest apron I am selling. Out of stock! (Click photo to enlarge.) I am not making any guarantees, but when I wear this apron, my hair is curlier, my teeth are whiter, and there is a noticeable sing-song quality to my voice. In fact, when I speak, I can hear the faint sound of birds chirping and leaves rustling.* I'm just saying... you should buy one! See my sidebar for details.

*Results may vary.

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  1. Headmistress, zookeeper says:

    I need another apron like I need another book, but strawberries??!! How could you? That’s so scrumptious looking!

    I think that may be the cutest apron I have ever seen.

  2. That apron is SO cute!! how did you come up with such a good idea?!

  3. I just love that!!! I’ll play.

  4. Oops, I meant to post on the one with the contest. I’ll go there now.

  5. petersonclan says:

    What a cute apron!!!

  6. I love the no-guarantee part. It makes me smile everytime I read it. Please enter me again in your contest. And I hope you don’t mind, but I’m impressed with your blog and have enjoyed looking around it.

  7. This apron is darling!

  8. PowersTwinB says:

    I’ve spent the better part of 2 evenings just reading Antique Mommy and I just came across your blog on her post of meeting all of you in real life. I am an Ancient mommy…being 56 and mother to 3 grown up sons, and two grandsons…I am mesmerized by you ladies and your blogs! I want to find out how to be entered into a contest to win one of thes MOST beauitufl aprons!!! I really enjoyed your site…thanks for spinning me back a few decades!

  9. Please enter me again in your contest. That apron would make me so happy in my kitchen!

  10. The Bullocks says:

    I only have one apron and it is really actually my husband’s LSU chef apron, so I am in desperate need of something to wear to make me look more domestic!!! I think that I will definitely cook better with that cute thing on!!!!

  11. Rona's Home Page says:

    This is a very cute apron.

  12. momto3blessings says:

    That is absolutely adorable. I love it. Great work.

  13. definitely enter me if there’s a chance for a free on of these cuties!

  14. Hi

    Can I enter the contest?



  15. Aunt Murry says:

    It’s adorable! And waterproof? Would make it good for when I am washing my little doggies!

  16. So cute!

  17. This is so darling and practical, too! I love it.

  18. Mary@notbefore7 says:

    That apron is so cute! Fun Fun.

  19. Adventures In Babywearing says:

    Ok, I must have one! Too adorable!! And anything that will make my teeth whiter…


  20. OH! The cuteness!

    I’m currently apronless, and this would be LOVELY!

  21. <b>Shannon</b> says:

    I’ve seen that kind of apron referred to as an ‘I Love Lucy’ apron :)

    Love it!

  22. Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings says:

    Too cute!!

  23. Mike & Misty says:

    That is EXTREMELY adorable!

  24. how CUTE is that apron! i need an apron!!!

  25. I just love this apron.

  26. Darlene said…..
    I have a metal chair with an oil cloth cover on the seat, but the apron takes it all…..I love your idea!!!Its so neat….

  27. A happy heart at home says:

    What a great apron! I’ve been looking for a waterproof one. I always end up with a big wet spot over my tummy!


  28. Applied Christianity says:

    Do you sell any boy aprons like this? I ask because I think this would be great for my daughter, but would need one for my son too.

  29. ClassiclyAmber says:

    This is the cutest AND coolest apron I have seen in a while! Love it!!

  30. Smockity Frocks says:

    Applied, I only sell the 2, strawberries or roses, in one size.

  31. Jennifer says:

    If you ever made an apron with yellow gingham and a some sunflowers or whatnot, I’d be sold! Do you accept requests??

  32. What do you mean OUT OF STOCK?! But I WANT one?!

  33. I seriously LOVE this apron…any chance you will make MORE???? I’m working on freezing and canning produce from our garden.

  34. LOVE the apron idea; especially the sold-out strawberry! :’-(
    It makes me want to cook <3. . . and I DON’T COOK!!


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